Located on the promontory of Capo Falcone, in the north-western area of ​​the island, Stintino rises around two natural inlets, later used as ports.
The Mediterranean scrub, which thrives in the whole area, fills the landscape with colors.

The sea, of an intense blue, is one of the most beautiful in Europe and given its position protected from the winds, it can boast always calm and clear water. La Pelosa beach is often compared to tropical beaches, due to its white and very fine sand. In addition, a swim with mask and snorkel will reveal colorful fish-rich backdrops.

The coast is not the only attraction offered by the promontory. Walking inland, in fact, you can admire the ancient nuraghi, or the brackish ponds that host a vast and varied fauna, including the beautiful pink flamingos, which have returned to nest after many years.

Stintino can be reached by ferry with connections to Porto Torres (30 km from the village) from Genoa and Livorno; or by plane landing at Alghero airport (40 km from Stintino).

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